We have partnered with Shamir Canada to bring you perfect vision with a personal touch. We provide you with their high performance lenses and premium coatings because excellent products are a must have for our busy lives!
Shamir lenses incorporate the latest technologies from the land of innovation, delivering unique solutions for a diverse range of clients and their emerging conditions and ever changing lifestyles.

Transitions photo-chromic lenses are the perfect choice for everyday life. Constantly adapting and responding to the light around you for better vision, comfort and protection.

For sunglasses, Maui Jim polarized lenses not only shield your eye, but also improve the colour, clarity and detail of the world around you. Designed with your comfort in mind, Maui Jim’s PolarizedPlus2 technology reduces the impact of the sun’s harsh glare while offering relief from a number of long-term health risks. With lens materials and colours for every condition, the view is better through a Maui Jim lens!

Featured Lenses